Professor Ignacio Blanco has participated in a research stay as a Visiting Scholar of the Department of Sociology of the University of Cambridge (UK) and Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall College.  The research developed by Professor Blanco in Cambridge is linked to the objectives of the Digital Vulnerability Activities Program (PROVULDIG-CM), the program of R & D activities in the Social Sciences and Humanities co-funded by the European Social Fund and the Community of Madrid. Professor Blanco is a Tenured Professor of Journalism at University CEU San Pablo and the Coordinator of this Program, a consortium of researchers from several Universities of Madrid.

The emergence of Internet in our society has modified the paradigm of social communication, favouring the empowerment of citizens and revitalizing the foundations of representative democracy, but it has also introduced risks that threaten social peace, coexistence between culturally distinct communities, democratic values based on respect for human rights, and so on.

With the intention of understanding and analysing this new scenario of digital vulnerability, Professor Blanco has joined the research group Media, Culture and New Technologies of the Department of Sociology, invited by Professor John B. Thomson, and has participated in the activities of the Center for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), specifically in two of its projects: Conspiracy and Democracy and Technology and Democracy. In addition, Professor Blanco has participated in the seminars of the Wolfson Press Fellowships, led by researcher John Naughton.

Also, this stay has the purpose of establishing networks of collaboration and exchange of knowledge between researchers at the University of Cambridge and the five groups of the consortium in the Community of Madrid.