The activities of PROVULDIG-CM are financed by the Autonomous Region of Madrid within the program of R & D activities in the Social Sciences and Humanities; to be more specific, the line of research falls under the heading of ‚ÄúDemographic and social change, and integrated societies in a globalized world.”

At the same time, PROVULDIG-CM is co-financed by the European Social Fund under objective heading 10: “Investment in education, skills development, and lifelong learning” for the 2014-2020 program period.




Title: Digital Vulnerability Activities Program (PROVULDIG)

Reference: S2015 / HUM-3434

Funding body: Autonomous Region of Madrid. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. General Directorate of Universities.

Co-financing entity: The European Social Fund.

Participating universities: University CEU San Pablo (program coordinator), Rey Juan Carlos University, and Complutense University of Madrid (CES Villanueva).

Research coordinator: Dr. Ignacio Blanco Alfonso

Amount Financed: ‚ā¨ 174,592.55

Number of researchers: 38

Project period: 01/01/2016 – 31/12/2018 (3 years)



PROVULDIG-CM is composed of five consolidated research groups:


  1. The Centre for Research and Study of Communication and Childhood (CEICIN)

Consolidated research group of University CEU San Pablo, which acts as program coordinator group.

Main Researcher: Dr. Ignacio Blanco Alfonso.



Consolidated research group of the University CEU San Pablo.

Main Researcher: Dr. Leopoldo Abad Alcal√°.



Consolidated research group of Rey Juan Carlos University.

Main Researcher: Dr. Carmen García Galera.



Consolidated research group of the Villanueva Centre for Advanced Studies – Complutense University of Madrid.

Main Researcher: Dr. Javier Fern√°ndez del Moral.


  1. Research Group on Social Communication (GICOMSOC)

Consolidated research group of Rey Juan Carlos University.

Main Researcher: Dr. Antonio García Jiménez.


Each group works and participates autonomously in research activities related to vulnerability and digital exclusion, the generation gap, children and youth, and the promotion of inclusion. The alliance, sponsored by PROVULDIG-CM, allows for interaction among these groups and the exchange of knowledge in order to allow for quality research and promote the dissemination of results at the national and international level.


The PROVULDIG-CM network will promote the mobility of its researchers, the transfer of knowledge and the obtainment of talented people, thereby favouring the creation of spaces for interaction and visibility of activities.


The PROVULDIG-CM program is supported by companies, research centres, associations and foundations interested in the digital environment.





Associations, Foundations and Research Institutes